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I made eggrolls and egg drop soup for dinner tonight.
The soup turned out great, but the eggrolls? Not so much.
This is the 3rd or 4th time I've tried to make them, and they just are never as good as I want them to be. I guess next time I know to get take-out chinese. Heh.
I want to dress Elwood up like baby jesus.
The last grade I was waiting to see before I could be sure that I can graduate was just emailed to me.
I passed everything! I graduated!!
I got a B+ and 2 B-'s in my last classes at Clark, not bad for one of my busiest quarters yet. I still haven't finished my class at WSU, but it is going well too.

So, I officially have an Associate's degree, and I should have a Bachelor's in May of 2007! Yay!

Nov. 28th, 2005

This week is going to be insane.
I've got 3 presentations to give, 3 papers due, 5 tests to take, and 1 group project to complete.

But, if I make it through this with passing grades I will officially have an associates degree, and I'll be done with Clark forever. Yay!
I'm getting my wisdom teeth taken out at 11.
11 AM on 11/11. Heh.

Ugh. I've been putting this off for years and years, and I'm so not excited.

I would much rather have leg surgery, or have my hand cut off or something, just leave my mouth alone.
Well, fuck.

I went out to my car to go to class this morning, and happened to glance in the backseat.
Good thing I did because the whole floor back there was flooded with about 2 inches of liquid. I don't know if it's water or what. It could just be from all the rain, but I can't find a leak. It's kind of brownish and gross looking, but it doesn't really smell. I suppose I could have had a water bottle in there that spilled, but I really don't think so, and I don't drink pop so it wasn't that.
I don't know. Anyways, I got some of that cleaned up, though everything is still soaked.

After cleaning I went out back to throw away some trash from my car, and noticed that one of the basement window wells is completely full of rain water. Just our luck, the basement is flooding too! Yay! Nothing looks too damaged yet, but I imagine the wood countertops may end up kind of warped, and our laundry soap is soaked.

Rain, rain go away!!

Oct. 28th, 2005

This week sucked.
And now instead of the week sucking it's my boyfriend who sucks.

I broke the light in the bedroom cause I flung my bra on to it and it turned on, super cool yajh? but then he got mad because there awas a cord of light strring inb his (MY) bedd.

My car borke.
It got towed.
Now it's fixed.

Meganh came to visit. I lm issed her. She left already.

Tomorrow I have togo on a field tirp to looeks at fish. Siucccckkk bitch.

So Im;' drinking lits of water to be sorber for te event.

Im not working this wrekkend though. Yayyy! I'd raither woprk than look at siccccckkkuuu fish.
I had a pretty crappy day at work and school.
People were rude, and I missed a class that I really needed to go to.

After work Karli and I went grocery shopping, and then I thought I'd stop and get chinese food on the way home. It took them 50 minutes to have my food ready!! Way too long, and I think they overcharged me too.

But, I came home to a bloody mary that Brian had waiting for me, yummy chinese food (tofu w/ bok choy, and veggie egg foo young) and a movie.

Now I'm ready for a nice relaxing rest of the night.

School is going alright this quarter. The only class I'm having trouble with is Fish Biology class. I'm doing awesome in speech though. We got the half-way point grades yesterday and I've got 159.5 out of 160.
Hell yes. Who would have thought I'd have a grade like that in a speech class?!

Alright, I finished my drink, now I'm gonna go hop in the shower.
Mondays suck.
I was up this morning a bit before seven to write a paper for The Art of Being Human. Went to that class at 9, and then Interpersonal Communication at 11. After class I ran to Subway for lunch and made it to work on time at 12:15. I left work early to meet some people for a group project for my Work and Family class at WSU, and then went to that class from 5:45 to 8:30.

The only nice part of the day was coming home to the dinner Brian made hot and ready to eat.

I finished that paper this morning, so only 3 more to go this week. Ugh.
Holy fuck, that was a long bike ride.
We went to Farmer's Market, and then down to the end of the waterfront and then back home.

My semi-workout sessions with Karli must be helping somewhat though, because I only needed to stop once on the ride, and I didn't whine too much.

It was fun, and pretty, but the ride home sucks. It's uphill the whole way.
I just had a horrible dream.
It's too complicated to explain, but basically it involved pretty much every single girl friend I've ever had yelling at me, and telling me what a self-centered bitch I am.

It was very realisitic except Meghan had a baby in it, and so not only was she yelling at me for being a bitch, but also because I kept talking about my babies from the daycare instead of her baby.
I've decided that I like my job.
Once I get over being nervous about making shitty drinks, it's pretty fun.
And I love that I get to hang out with Karli all the time now, and I see Jinda more too so that's good.

I do get bored at work though.
I'm not kidding when I say everyone should come visit me. I work 7:00 to 10:30 tomorrow morning, and 9:15 to 2:00 on Saturday. Come see me!!!
Vegetarian House is the best thing ever.

Seriously. I felt like I was breaking my 7 years of vegetarianism because their fake chicken was so freaking good. Mmmmmm.

I want to eat it everyday.

Sep. 7th, 2005

I've erased this quite afew times.

I don't really know what to say about my new job, or anything else, for that matter.

I'm sick of being an adult already.
I've been whoring around for compliments so I guess it's my turn to post this for y'all...

Post a comment, and I'll give you an honest compliment.
I start my new job tomorrow!
Come visit me!

Brew Hawaii on Andresen in the Timber-Lanes parking lot.

We're open 5:30-4:00 Monday through Friday, and 7:00-2:00 on Saturdays.

I'm working 9:30-4:00 tomorrow,
11:45-4:00 Tues, Wed, and Thurs,
and 7:30-1:15 on Friday.

It should be fun. We finally hired a 3rd person. I'm glad Karli liked Jinda. I'm excited to be working with both of them, though it looks like I'll be working by myself most of the time.

Alright, I'm going to go to bed and read for a bit to calm my nerves before I need to try and sleep.
It's my last day of work at Children's Discovery Center.
I keep telling myself that I can't wait to get out of there, but I know I'm going to miss the kids and a couple of co-workers like crazy.

It's time for something new though.

Karli has been training me as best as she can without any of the actual equipment. So far I know what goes in all the drinks, and the general idea of how to steam milk and all that, but I won't get to try it out until Sunday when we get the espresso machine and all that.

Mmmm, coffee.

Aug. 14th, 2005

I have a new job!!!
I'll be working with Karli at Brew Hawaii on Andresen in front of the bowling alley.
Come visit, y'all.
Just wait a few weeks until I get good at making drinks.
Me+ barista

This week will be my last week with daycare. FOREVER.
I'm so done with this shit.

I'm also so wasted.

But apparently I can type quite well wjhen I try.

I'm excited.

P.S. The neighbors har having a party and I really want to go play. but I/m much too shy. Dammmmmittt.

Aug. 13th, 2005

Ok kids.
A show I've been dying to see is starting Wednesday night on Bravo.
Do any of you get that channel?
I'd be willing to pay anyone who does to tape this show for me once a week...


Aug. 6th, 2005

Andrea and Joel's wedding turned out beautiful.
I know it was all stress and stuff beforehand, but today it seemed so low-key and it was just perfect.

I kept getting ideas for my own wedding. And I'm realizing after seeing this tonight that we won't have to spend thousands and thousands of dollars to have a really nice, classy wedding.
Brian and I are trying to make a fancy homemade dinner tonight.
Crab cakes and fresh garlic green beans.
Hopefully it turns out better than last time I tried to make dinner from scratch.
I really would like to be able to cook well, but almost nothing turns out the way I have planned.

Oh well, we'll see how tonights meal goes.

Edit: Dinner turned out great! It's too bad crab is so damn expensive because I could totally eat this all the time.

Jul. 31st, 2005

I almost bought a onesie for my future babies today.
It said "Got boob?"

I'm so going to be a boob nazui.

I also love Redneck woman by Gretenchg Wislon.

Let me get a big lhee yeah from the redneck girls like meee!?

Haha. Brian lost on hte midnightr deal.
I'e been denied all the best ulltra sex.

Jul. 30th, 2005

Bachelor/bachelorette parties tonight.
If I was 21 I would probably be out drinking it up, and blushing at naked men.
Instead I'm home drinking bloody mary's and reading.

I'd like to say I'm bored, but truthfully I'm really enjoying myself.
It's so rare that I get to spend a night alone anymore that sometimes it's nice.

July is over after tomorrow. It's amazing how quickly time goes by now.

Jul. 30th, 2005

Happy birthday, Brian!!!

From Kerby. Ha ha.
I'm tempted to stay home and clean house instead of going to class, but unfortunately my grades need help more than I need to dust.
I don't know how to keep the house clean. I really need to work on my organazational skills. Though probably, if I could just get into the habit of doing dishes and picking things up every night, and vaccuming and dusting once a week, things would be ok.

I've got a half hour in between classes on most mornings where I come home.
Todays half hour was spent trying to figure out what else I want to get Brian for his birthday, and trying to find something fancy for us to do on his b-day, since we both managed to get the day off.
I think I've decided on this... http://www.sternwheeler.com/index.html, though I'll leave the final decision up to Brian, as there are a couple other sternwheeler companies that have stuff available the day of his birthday too.

I'm still all kinds of tired, and I've waited too long to got get coffee before I need to be to class.
It will be interesting to see if I can manage to stay awake.
I was going to make a post about dog training and being tierd, but Brian pretty much summed it all up, so just go read his.

Read the news today, oh boy...

This bitch is absolutely insane.

I can't even imagine how hard it's going to be for that little girl to fix her life. It's going to take years and years of therapy for her and the rest of her family.

That woman should be given life in a mental hospital, not just 3 years in jail.
I wish it was a drunk sunday instead of drunk monday.

Maybe saturday even.

I like fun.
I hate school.
I hate work.

Soon friends, my blood alcohol with just be permanantly set at .08 and I will have fun forever.
I just made the strongest drink ever.
3/4 vodka, 1/4 gatorade.

All set to go to Karli's birthday at Kennedy school.

Ready for fun.

Jul. 7th, 2005

Got the house to myself.




Jun. 28th, 2005

I finally got around to signing up my monsters for training, only to find that the class I wanted was canceled.
So, I've spent the last hour calling around trying to find somewhere else.
Everything else is quite a bit more expensive, but I think I've found one that will work out pretty well. Even if it is $60 more than I planned on paying originally.

Summer quarter started yesterday.
I'm horribly bored already with 'Our Chemical World' (chemistry for retards), but biological anthropology seems pretty interesting so far.

Alright, off to work.

Jun. 24th, 2005

Andrea, Joel, and Aubrey are here.
There are no feet in the fusgde, friends.

Fun all the same.

\Waroi is thbe best game ever.
Tequila is the best drink ever.

I'm in love with messie jessie.
I've got a 2 hours lunch today, so I'm planning on heading out to the backyard to sunbathe.
It's been so long since we've had sunshine!

I got my grades yesterday. They were pretty damn good.
A- in Women's Studies
A- in English 102
and a C in Spanish.

Two more quarters and I'm completely done with Clark!

May. 23rd, 2005

I can't see anything out of the corner of my eyes.
My family was just talking about ocular migraines yesterday, and I'm hoping that's what this is, but it's kind of freaking me out.
At first it was just like a sun spot, but it's getting worse.

I'm supposed to be class at 11, but there is no way I'm going to try and drive with this. Hopefully, it will go away by then.
All (most) of my homework done.
We've got corn on the cob in the oven, and chili boiling on the stove.
A glass of red wine in hand.
And I'm ready for a nice, relaxing, night.
I've rewritten this entry 3 times now.

The things I want to say will surely be misinterpreted, and the things I don't want to say are weighing even more on my mind.

I wish I had a pottery wheel. It's the perfect kind of morning for taking my agression out on a chunk of clay and turning into something beautiful.
I got an acceptance letter to WSU:Vancouver today!
I'm excited, but at the same time kind of scared. Clark just seems like another version of high-school, this will be real college.

I've also been doubting my major lately. It's what I want to do (I think) I'm just worried about how little money I'll be making when I'm done.
I got to school this morning and realized that I had forgotten to bring the paper that I had just finished.
I went up to class, resigned to getting a zero, and found out along the way that class was canceled today!

Lucky me.
So instead of sitting around and learning about female opression, I get to play Animal Crossing. Yay!
If this quarter doesn't kill me it will definitely make me stronger.

Yesterday I worked from 6 AM to 10 AM, went to class from from 11 to noon, and then back to work from noon until 6 PM. I came home and tried to watch The Incredibles with Brian, but I couldn't keep myself so awake so I went to bed at 8:30, and just now woke up.

I'm enjoying my Women's Studies class alot, and Spanish is interesting but I manage to embarrass myself daily. English 102 sucks, but I knew that going in to it.
Hopefully after next week my work schedule will calm down a bit. My plan is only to work noon to six, but so far I've been working in the morning before class too because we're so short on staff.

Alright, this is my only morning off this week, so I'm going to try to get some homework done so I have all weekend to play.